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der·e·lict (/ˈderəˌlikt/)
1. in a poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect.
synonyms: disused, abandoned, deserted, discarded, rejected, neglected, untended


Our mission is to rehabilitate, revitalize, and redevelop neglected, vacant, and abandoned real estate.  We work with non-profit organizations, local and state municipalities, and government agencies to help connect them with interested investors, business owners, and home seekers. 


Our vision is to create healthy and vibrant communities, devoid of urban blight, where family, culture, and business is nurtured.

About Us

Derelict.com is the largest online aggregator of property listings in the hidden real estate market.  The properties we showcase typically can't be found on nationwide multiple listing services nor are they available on major real estate web sites.  Our properties are rarely turnkey and ready to be immediately occupied.  They often require an additional investment of time, energy, and money.  For those that are willing to make that investment, the rewards can be huge.  For home buyers, the overall cost of ownership is frequently a fraction of what you would normally pay to get a similar property.  For investors and flippers, the upside potential of your investment can produce out-sized returns as you lead the way in redeveloping and gentrifying under-appreciated neighborhoods.

Acquiring property found on Derelict.com is about more than just buying real estate though.  It is about making a community blossom.  It is about rebuilding the greatness of our towns and cities.  It is about being able to look back and say, "I did that.  I made a difference. Life here is better in my town because I was willing to get my hands a little dirty."

As you can see, we are passionate about our mission.  We are passionate about finding people affordable homes and businesses affordable new locations.  We are passionate about helping developers and real estate investors build their businesses while contributing to the public good.  Most of all we are passionate about creating strong families and vibrant communities.

We dedicate Derelict.com to all the dreamers and visionaries who can look at something old and re-imagine it as something new.